Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spaces to grow...

Who on earth would not want a 26 Ft. High/22 Ft. Wide Teepee in their backyard?
Since I have moved to the country and am blessed with more room and space to grow, I find myself dreaming constantly of kids spaces and retreats for little creative beings to flourish...with land abundant and so much potential, it is not hard to understand why I find myself dreaming of kidland galore.
Love this combined work/play/craft space with kids art on walls, matching chairs with neutral colors and relaxed vibe.

These stools (Cookie) are cool, comfy and so chic. I really am digging cork right now...


Oh, my what a spot to get caught reading a book...
There is that Pouffe again!


I am so into chalkboard paint and this room is super colorful, fun and functional! I really like the laid back whimsical feel encouraging free spirited and crafty hearts!

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