Saturday, January 29, 2011

little sweetness to adorn...

Here are a few glimpses of some small, sweet tabletop orbs I have been working on...the places you could set these are endless: mantle, desk, bathroom, on a stack of books, coffee table, any table!

Now, if you brought one of these to your office you better take care as your office mates will be quite jealous!
Whichever space you choose to place one is sure to shine!
Available in my wee shop tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh New Year...

I am not sure about you, but for this gal every New Year brings a feeling of a fresh, clean, slate...or at least the urge to organize and clean out, update and refresh spaces, the desire to complete tasks around the house are renewed and motivation, although sometimes hard to muster, is bumped up with the expectations of changing some important aspects of my surroundings.
I am starting with my personal space, because that is, afterall, where we are most inspired...don't you agree?

So, on that note, let the organizing and cleaning out begin!
Here are some helpful and fun ideas to get us all going in the right direction.
Here is a pretty little thought... line a drawer with velvet or felt and add some vintage tea cups & saucers to organize and display your bobbles and jewelry. Simply measure the height of the drawers side, (don't measure the front as that is higher) and collect some teacups that are just a little shorter, the lining on the drawer bottom with help slipping and sliding. Hang earrings on tea rim, place bigger pieces in saucers.
A vintage medicine cabinet turned into a beautiful display case, I can see getting creative with fabric inside and some simple little hooks & wire.
Same idea with a old shadow box, fun hooks or even drawer pulls and then pretty little bowls you already have to store rings.

all pictures courtesy of martha stewart
A peg board in the closet, painted a fun color and used to get all those straggling things on the floor up and out of the way.
Here is to a New Year and new spaces!