Monday, August 31, 2009

Dining Away...

Since I am a gal who loves family time, I find one of the highlights in our busy day is dining together. Usually, that meal is only dinnertime, but hey...we enjoy what we get.

I am always dreaming and planning for a new and fresh dining space and so I find myself poking around and storing ideas of spaces that I like.
Here a few cool & hip finds:

1. & 2. Apartment Therapy 3. & 4.. Living Etc.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take off.

Since summer is coming to a close and school is about to start, I figured it was time for a wee getaway.

So our bags are packed and we are off for some serious fun in the sun and relaxation. Sometimes, it is nice to remove ourselves from our regular spaces, the change of scenery brings on a rejuvination and coming back home is always somehow refreshing and new.
So off we go!
No interruptions, just the family soaking it all in.
I am bringing a book I started over 3 weeks ago and never find time to read (except Dr. Seuss, Richard Scary etc. etc., we'll be bringing those too) and am hoping for some stolen moments of reading bliss under the canopy above!

Have a wonderful week, maybe squeeze in a little rest and relaxation wherever you might find yourself.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Simple Beauty...

While visiting a somewhat new (feels old) friend just the other day at her home on top of the world...I was reminded of how important our childrens spaces are...and how they deserve small or pretty good sized (when you are on top of mountains) corners of the world created just for them and their wonderous are some shots of all that caught me by wonder, and not so surprise. Here is to kids playhouses, jungle gym's, above-the-ground (yep, you read right) pools, just a few things that make kids so absoluetly happy.

Oh yes, and Mums who are wonderfully amazing and so great to hang with!

Life is lovely....stop and look, you will see & it's oftentimes in the smallest of details.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner is served...

Went out to the garden...

Picked some basil...
Laid mushrooms on grill...
drizzled with Olive Oil and Balsamic...

Chopped roasted peppers, sliced fresh mozarella and some Arugula...
Voila, dinner is served. Oh my so good.

I love summer...don't you?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Lily on my website.

I am happy to share that Still Lily Designs are now shining bright on my website. You can now see some samples of my work and what Still Lily is all about HERE:

Have a great day!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Reveal...

Sorry for delay in posting this, life is busy over here.
So, as promised here are the After pictures of the Master Bedroom ReDesign.
And with the exception of my time which was a total of 3 hours, all that was purchased was the $40 mosaic pot and $15 plant which is in it under the mirror....yep, that is it.
Check it out:
BeforeAfter (clearly)

After...oh my.

So, you can see how ReDesign is an amazing concept and how it can change and lift your space in a very short time and for minimal out of pocket expense.

It is so important to be connected to our spaces and to know we are getting the most out of what we have.

Are you ready for a ReDesign?