Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hip & Happy...

I've been working with Grapewood lately for it's natural look, attractive form, and excellent durability, plus it is a renewable resource!
Love the curvy appeal and funky style...here is what came out of my first design.

I never create anything I would not want to have in my own home, this design is like a piece of art adding some whimsy and style to an entryway or mantle (maybe yours!). Yes, it tends on the Seussical (is that a word?) side...however, being transported to grand imagination destinations such as Whoville is really not that bad.. now is it?

Have a fun day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feathers & Friends...

On a day trip to the desert this weekend I found myself, inspired again...

I have been wondering what would happen when feathers meet florals and so I created these two pieces for two lovely ladies, and I am happy to say, new friends of mine.

Although the peacock design was more popular (more to come of course!) overall I think these unique and quite feminine pieces are going to spread some soft and easy (low maintenance) cheer to any space. If you think about it feathers in all their beauty, movement and color are a perfect compliment to florals or succulents.

Here are two feather designs for two beautiful birds! It is a pleasure to share the company of great gals.

Have a marvelous day!
I really have to work on my photography skills...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Hangin' Out...

As a child I was always intrigued by, and in love with terrariums, how interesting it would be to live inside a glass container & to have the calm and peaceful perspective of watching life go by from inside a safe, warm and growing environment ( like a baby in the womb)...

Please forgive the quality of pictures, I am still getting used to my new camera and apparently I need to learn a little more about it.

Here's to hanging out in a bubble!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Desert inspiration...so cool...no warm...and wonderful...

Oooh...love this design where the line between indoor living and outdoor space is one...how can't we appreciate that living in So. Cal?

After a recent trip to the desert I have been inspired (as I always am there) and enlightened by the whole warm air, clean lines, cool colors and overall feel of good design vibes...mid century modern design found it's way to the desert through many talented architects in the 50's & 60's (ie William Krisel) who ventured into new territory and design which we (fortunately) can still see there today....great stuff.

Have a cool day!