Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dropping in to beautify

In case you don't know this is me too and I am a creator of all things living and lovely which add whimsy and beauty to any space.

I presently can only handle 4 shows per year and I love them, so lately I have been inspired to create some new pieces and I will have more pics to follow and show you all, but for now, I thought I would post these here as they really do make a space more wonderful, and I am all about the wonder (and spaces!).

All photos in this post are by the most wonderful Mike & Allie

That amazing lamp that you see a wee glimpse of behind this design is made by my man FZ for our anniversary (that rhymes) a few years ago, he is slowly working on more, much to my enjoyment.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Memory Cloth

I saw this over at livingetc. and thought it is a great idea for the upcoming holidays...this is so something I would do. Host a dinner party, Thanksgiving, Holiday, New Years and have friends and family jot down a thought, inspiration, dream, wisdom, (oh heck anything they want) and then follow the simple steps to a lasting memory cloth...could even fold and sew one whole side into a loop to hang on a cool rod as a wall hanging for a spell...or take out the following year to have a laugh, I can see having a New Years dinner party and the theme for the memory cloth would be a dream/goal for the following year. Then come together again the following year (for another New Years party, love that) to enjoy the follow ups a new one each year...well, it's all very fun and festive...I like it.
My schedule probably would not allow for embroidery (see Step 3 below) time, so I am thinking some cool fabric pens would do the trick..keeping with one or two colors...or say gold or silver...just a thought. But if you have the time the embroidery idea is a great one and it would look quite sharp.

STEP 1: What you need: A heavy-duty linen tablecloth, a water-erase pen, embroidery threads, embroidery needles and scissors.

STEP 2: Get your guests to write messages directly onto the tablecloth with the water-erase pen. Top tip: Write larger letters than normal so the words are clear when they're sewn.

STEP 3: After the party is over, backstitch over the ink at your leisure. Try to keep the stitches on the lines and of a uniform length (about 2cm). Once sewn, rub with a damp cloth to remove the ink.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Art is wonderful...

Well, besides being a best friend, a holder & maker of memories we carry in our hearts and laugh about over and over again & all around great soul...this artist is amazing (& very dear to my heart) and so it only seems right to share what a wonderful addition art makes to any space here on my blog.
She recently paid us a visit and my heart is full of happiness at seeing her and spending some wonderful times, but the same heart is heavy with missing that very person.

Vibrant, colorful and unique prints to inspire & beautify.
I love to buy art when I travel, it may be just a small piece, but to have a memory and connection to somewhere I have been which I can then hang or display in my home is priceless to me, each time I pass it or look upon it, I am taken back to that moment in which I found it and was drawn in some way.

This art does that to me, perhaps because it is like a old friend (so is the artist) or because the colors relax and inspire me at the same time, but when I see it I smile and my soul fills.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Married to the man...

When you are married to the man who does that sense I mean he is a fix all, do all, and mainly paint all guy, sometimes you just have to stop and say Thank You to whatever forces brought about this wonderful being in your life.
As a professional painter this man has the eye and the knack for turning a boring room into something spectacular.

So, just to let you know, we are living in a house that should, and will, have a blog site all it's own when the work truly begins...we are going to be doing a complete and simply wonderful remodel to what was my parents' home.

My family of 4 (2 wee ones, my husband, plus moi) live here now, and as much as we love it, and the bones are standing for our mid-century home to exist, there is so much to do and such a budget to find in order to do it all, to be quite honest.

However, this weekend we have some old friends coming to town and we all know that nothing lights a fire more than visitors to get a few things, major and minor, moving along in one's my gracious, and most amazing, husband, after working all day, is painting our long desired white...yep, I am moving into the white zone for backdrop, it makes blending all other variations of color so smooth.

Having a more white backdrop (canvas if you will) makes it so easy to bring in a variety of colors into a space.
So, here is the man (perhaps not at an angle completely welcomed by all in above shot) but the point is that our men are so gracious and we need to always recognize that fact.

And this is our brand new chalkboard pocket door at the entry to greet guests and all that enter. I will shoot a pic when we write on it (that rhymed).
Have a lovely evening.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home on the road

I wish wish wish I had pictures of our 73' Terry trailer when we got our hands on it years ago and the mini transformation we made to our wee home on the road. I will take some shots this weekend to share. However, I am getting ready to do a small overhaul in decor so maybe these will be befores and then afters will come soon...if the man has his way, he would like to do a complete makeover (tear it apart), but I say facelift, my dearest, facelift will do just fine.

Regardless, we are heading out on a family-downtime-getaway in our rolling pad.
Long walks, quiet sunsets, knitting by the fire, soft breezes whispering the secrets of the sea in our windows at night, dirty hands, feet and faces from day long playing outdoors, surrounded by good friends...I am ready.
I shall return next week with some goodies.

Excuse the lag in blog posts, I am not quite sure how time slips away so darn quickly.

So, have a beautiful weekend and make sure you stop to enjoy where you are, be it home or away.