Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home on the road

I wish wish wish I had pictures of our 73' Terry trailer when we got our hands on it years ago and the mini transformation we made to our wee home on the road. I will take some shots this weekend to share. However, I am getting ready to do a small overhaul in decor so maybe these will be befores and then afters will come soon...if the man has his way, he would like to do a complete makeover (tear it apart), but I say facelift, my dearest, facelift will do just fine.

Regardless, we are heading out on a family-downtime-getaway in our rolling pad.
Long walks, quiet sunsets, knitting by the fire, soft breezes whispering the secrets of the sea in our windows at night, dirty hands, feet and faces from day long playing outdoors, surrounded by good friends...I am ready.
I shall return next week with some goodies.

Excuse the lag in blog posts, I am not quite sure how time slips away so darn quickly.

So, have a beautiful weekend and make sure you stop to enjoy where you are, be it home or away.


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