Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Art is wonderful...

Well, besides being a best friend, a holder & maker of memories we carry in our hearts and laugh about over and over again & all around great soul...this artist is amazing (& very dear to my heart) and so it only seems right to share what a wonderful addition art makes to any space here on my blog.
She recently paid us a visit and my heart is full of happiness at seeing her and spending some wonderful times, but the same heart is heavy with missing that very person.

Vibrant, colorful and unique prints to inspire & beautify.
I love to buy art when I travel, it may be just a small piece, but to have a memory and connection to somewhere I have been which I can then hang or display in my home is priceless to me, each time I pass it or look upon it, I am taken back to that moment in which I found it and was drawn in some way.

This art does that to me, perhaps because it is like a old friend (so is the artist) or because the colors relax and inspire me at the same time, but when I see it I smile and my soul fills.


  1. Beautiful us of color!

  2. Ooopps. Meant beautiful USE of color:)