Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Memory Cloth

I saw this over at livingetc. and thought it is a great idea for the upcoming holidays...this is so something I would do. Host a dinner party, Thanksgiving, Holiday, New Years and have friends and family jot down a thought, inspiration, dream, wisdom, (oh heck anything they want) and then follow the simple steps to a lasting memory cloth...could even fold and sew one whole side into a loop to hang on a cool rod as a wall hanging for a spell...or take out the following year to have a laugh, I can see having a New Years dinner party and the theme for the memory cloth would be a dream/goal for the following year. Then come together again the following year (for another New Years party, love that) to enjoy the follow ups a new one each year...well, it's all very fun and festive...I like it.
My schedule probably would not allow for embroidery (see Step 3 below) time, so I am thinking some cool fabric pens would do the trick..keeping with one or two colors...or say gold or silver...just a thought. But if you have the time the embroidery idea is a great one and it would look quite sharp.

STEP 1: What you need: A heavy-duty linen tablecloth, a water-erase pen, embroidery threads, embroidery needles and scissors.

STEP 2: Get your guests to write messages directly onto the tablecloth with the water-erase pen. Top tip: Write larger letters than normal so the words are clear when they're sewn.

STEP 3: After the party is over, backstitch over the ink at your leisure. Try to keep the stitches on the lines and of a uniform length (about 2cm). Once sewn, rub with a damp cloth to remove the ink.

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