Thursday, October 8, 2009

Married to the man...

When you are married to the man who does that sense I mean he is a fix all, do all, and mainly paint all guy, sometimes you just have to stop and say Thank You to whatever forces brought about this wonderful being in your life.
As a professional painter this man has the eye and the knack for turning a boring room into something spectacular.

So, just to let you know, we are living in a house that should, and will, have a blog site all it's own when the work truly begins...we are going to be doing a complete and simply wonderful remodel to what was my parents' home.

My family of 4 (2 wee ones, my husband, plus moi) live here now, and as much as we love it, and the bones are standing for our mid-century home to exist, there is so much to do and such a budget to find in order to do it all, to be quite honest.

However, this weekend we have some old friends coming to town and we all know that nothing lights a fire more than visitors to get a few things, major and minor, moving along in one's my gracious, and most amazing, husband, after working all day, is painting our long desired white...yep, I am moving into the white zone for backdrop, it makes blending all other variations of color so smooth.

Having a more white backdrop (canvas if you will) makes it so easy to bring in a variety of colors into a space.
So, here is the man (perhaps not at an angle completely welcomed by all in above shot) but the point is that our men are so gracious and we need to always recognize that fact.

And this is our brand new chalkboard pocket door at the entry to greet guests and all that enter. I will shoot a pic when we write on it (that rhymed).
Have a lovely evening.


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