Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boring to Beautiful...the story of a desk chair made happy!

Hi there & welcome!

For a while now I have been looking and searching for a new desk chair. It is not that the one I have is broke or not comfortable, it is just so darn BORING! I inherited it from a company I once worked for, and I happen to know it cost quite alot of money.
It is one of those ones that is on rollers, and the back and seat adjust. So I thought I would buy some kind of cool, old wing back chair from a consignment or estate sale and pick some funky fabric and have it reupholstered. Well, nothing was doing it for me and plus it was adding up to be costly.

Then I am hit with a wonderful idea after stumbling upon some fabric I had and that was to refinish that darn chair myself, so I did this in a matter of one hour! Tada! New office chair and when I tire of this I can change it out again!

Have a colorful and fun day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Presentation at Farmer's Market

Had alot of fun doing a presentation at the Farmer's Market on Sunday to an intimate crowd of very interested and captive ladies.

Topics included how to shop your home and utilize what you have to create a refreshed and renewed space, as well as some key tips to live by when ready to tranform any space in your home.

One question from the audience went as follows: "What can I do about a huge rug in a room, should I put it under the couch? It is up against the wall where the couch sits against the wall as well..."

Answer: No Wallflowers! Pull that couch out away from the wall and bring the rug with it, so that the flooring, in her case, tile, will sort of 'frame' the rug and distinguish that seating area....she had not thought of bringing the furniture away from the wall and just had it pushed up against there so long, she figured that was the only way. Not so, by pulling furniture away from the wall and 'floating' it in the room, as well as clustering in conversation groupings adds interest to the room and eliminates large, empty spaces in the middle of the room.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ReDesign & Reveal Party Before and Afters

Welcome to the Blog.
I have coined and created a very fun concept: R & R Parties! Hosted by KZ are some pictures from one ReDesign & Reveal event. My client invited 6-8 friends, neighbors, co-workers, family (anyone!), and KZ interiorz hosted coffee/danish/fruit in the a.m., everyone got to check out the space(s) to be ReDesigned and then they all left for the day. Upon returning for wine and cheese, everyone walked into completely new and transformed spaces, in this case the living room and dining room...

This art piece was something I stumbled upon, and it complimented the space perfectly! The client has a unique color palette and art (which is what she wanted) was going to be a tricky purchase...until I found this awesome piece, which not only had a similar shade of orange but had openings to showcase her wall color and really make the room complete!

Working with what she had (shopped other rooms!) this room became what she envisioned: Warm, Welcoming and Stylish!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent Before & After Room Transformations

So now that I am up and running, here are some recent home transformations...what a fun change up! This home was staged to sell and sold in 4 days!! Cannot tell you what a difference it makes! Well, take a look...