Thursday, March 12, 2009

ReDesign & Reveal Party Before and Afters

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I have coined and created a very fun concept: R & R Parties! Hosted by KZ are some pictures from one ReDesign & Reveal event. My client invited 6-8 friends, neighbors, co-workers, family (anyone!), and KZ interiorz hosted coffee/danish/fruit in the a.m., everyone got to check out the space(s) to be ReDesigned and then they all left for the day. Upon returning for wine and cheese, everyone walked into completely new and transformed spaces, in this case the living room and dining room...

This art piece was something I stumbled upon, and it complimented the space perfectly! The client has a unique color palette and art (which is what she wanted) was going to be a tricky purchase...until I found this awesome piece, which not only had a similar shade of orange but had openings to showcase her wall color and really make the room complete!

Working with what she had (shopped other rooms!) this room became what she envisioned: Warm, Welcoming and Stylish!

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