Sunday, June 13, 2010

Design on wheels...

We recently purchased a vacation home on wheels. We are most excited about planning upcoming family getaway trips and all the fun we are going to have traveling together, and seeing new sights. Of course, even though we did not buy an Airstream (seen below), I am thinking of ways to customize and design the inside into a space that reflects our taste and clean, mid century style with a twist of some vintage as well...I found these lovely ideas and now my creative is flowing...check these out:

The dark walls and such are a little too deep for my taste, but such a cool look and the pops of color make me smile.
Love love the flooring...

A little color whimsy above is fresh and summery.

This is a teardrop trailer, which is small enough to be pulled by a mini cooper...a little too small for my taste, but how cute is this and check out the kitchen in the rear....!
All pics from sunset.

Monday, June 7, 2010

bon anniversaire pour moi...

because there is always a place in my heart for stylish italian boots with embroidery and softly worn leather...oh and it's my birthday and we all should take note to order deliciously lovely leather boots from Italy on our special's to the day we were born! found these in a sweet little shop here