Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Reveal...

Sorry for delay in posting this, life is busy over here.
So, as promised here are the After pictures of the Master Bedroom ReDesign.
And with the exception of my time which was a total of 3 hours, all that was purchased was the $40 mosaic pot and $15 plant which is in it under the mirror....yep, that is it.
Check it out:
BeforeAfter (clearly)

After...oh my.

So, you can see how ReDesign is an amazing concept and how it can change and lift your space in a very short time and for minimal out of pocket expense.

It is so important to be connected to our spaces and to know we are getting the most out of what we have.

Are you ready for a ReDesign?

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  1. Fantastic!! I am sure they just LOVE their new room:)