Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pouffes Pour Moi...

I love Pouffes...that sounds strange when I say it. But somehow these wee pieces of furniture have become a staple in my home...perhaps it is the two small folk who run a bit amuck randomly plunging and diving at all times.

Somehow, furnishings so close to the floor
(the ones shown here are from Souk , of course, I am partial to Dutch design/shops, being wed to one of the most wonderful Dutchmen ever FZ)...
are a safe and reassuring place to rest, not to mention pouffes are stylish and simple and take up minimal space. There is something organic & Bohemian-like about being down close to the ground...I rather enjoy it.
Here are some I have come across recently that I think deserve a look-at, as they are affordable and blend with many styles and decor.


Hope you you like Pouffes too?

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