Monday, July 20, 2009

Just hanging out...

Well, I seem to have a thing for hanging out these days...from the ceiling, rafters, beams...Oh really just wherever I can...I am speaking, of course, about my designs...

These beauties are suspended in time, I made this for my shop, but I am pretty sure it is going to stay here in my kitchen, as it seems right at home, watching life go by quietly from above.

It will be witness to all the little feets running back and forth, to the barking, freezer runs for the boo-boo bunny, much much cooking, cleaning and well, hanging out.

The kitchen seems to be the main hub of this house and I rather like it that way. Kitchens are great places to get connected, not just with the food being prepared, but with that lovely, quiet conversation at the end of the day, with visitors catching up at get togethers, kids doing homework while waiting for a snack, this is not even to mention the holiday hoopla that occurs in this wonderful room.

I love the kitchen, my Mum loves it, my daughter loves it now, and I hope she always will.
Have a great evening, I am off to make a wee cup of my kitchen.

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