Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend bedroom notes...

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Well, le weekend is upon us and what better time to discuss how to reclaim your bedroom.

Bedrooms are such special places to relax, unwind & re-energize, they are our private retreats from the world. If, you are like me, you mainly just sleep in this room (not to mention the most important time of the day; early morning cuddles and hugs with little warm bodied folks).
Nonetheless, here are a few tips and hints to help you get that old lovin' feeling back for your bedroom.

Now, because disorder in this personal space can disrupt our lives it is key to organize this room in the best way possible for your well being.
Think outside the box...what I mean by that is that perhaps the normal formula of bed, side table, closet and dresser do not work and are not effective in helping solve the clutter problem.

If your bedside table has no purpose (storage/shelf/drawer), it may be subject to becoming a surface for clutter. So either do away with it, or have fun scouting out one that will solve this problem for you.

Closets are key, if your closet is not well thought in regards to how clothes/shoes are stored then those items will have no home & end up all over the room. Get additional shelving, reorganize the closet, I like, if space permits to bring the dresser into the closet. If you think of the main objective for your room is to relax and re-charge then you will see how clearing your space is of utmost importance.
A dear friend asked me to give her advice when she was recently cleaning out her closet and my words of mantra for her to chant to herself while working were: "When in doubt...Throw it out"...she found another statment to work for her which went "Love the peron, not the thing"...that might help.

If your bedroom is scattered with piles of magazines or unread books, get them out of there, how many books can you read at one time, maybe 2? That is how many should be kept next to your bed. If you excercise in your bedroom (wow, I give you credit) and have items of such, keep them clear of clothing (should be in your newly organized and re-vamped closet).

Ok, hope this helps and now get into that room and start to declutter, clean up the mess and unwind!

Have a lovely weekend!

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