Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Step into a new entry...

Entry Before

Entry After

With summer upon us, I think it is time to step up, clean out & organize key spaces in our homes (and minds! but that is a whole other post).

So join me over the next week as I provide tips and insight to help you organize and clear your mind and rooms of clutter and style your spaces to reflect your personal taste.
Now, a good place to start is the entry/foyer as that is the first place that you (unless you enter through the garage so you don't have to deal with your entry) and visitors see first.
Entryways come in all shapes and sizes and most have the same organizational challenges; items of clothing, shoes, bags, mail, homework all get dumped right as one walks in the front door. So keeping this area clutter free and welcoming means simply finding a place for all those items, some belonging there, some not.
Since many entryways are fairly small this work of organzing is tough. There is a limited amount of space to work with and coming up with decorative storage solutions in this area is key.

Warm and welcoming lighting makes a great impact and softens the feel in an entry. Go through treasures to find a decorative box or bowl to store keys and mail on an entry table. If coats/sweaters/hats are an issue, have fun searching local consignment shops or flea market for a unique and fun coat rack. If wall space is available hang hooks to free up space. A low bench with storage (hide those dirty old shoes) works nicely under a wall rack for putting on shoes and storage as well, add a colorful cushion for pop and fun.

Here is an entry I ReDesigned last fall:

Entry Before

Entry After

Next up: Bedrooms...because those are really key to our peace of mind.

Are you ready to start?

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