Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change out...Change up...

Here is a space which I tranformed, this is a tricky room, it is at the entry of a home, however it is a small and tight formal living room as well...so upon entering this is the first room one sees.

Front Living Room Before

Front Living Room After
The trick was to scale down on the furnishings (slipper chairs) and choosing rich but subtle fabrics was key in keeping it on a more formal but relaxed look and feel. The original artwork above the couch, I switched out to be placed in the family/den and it was showcased much better in that room.

Before Family Room/Den

After Family Room/Den
This client was interested in purchasing all new pieces and so we worked with her existing accessories and the new furnishings were found at a high end furniture warehouse which offered custom features at great prices.

Now, aren't you ready for a space lift?