Monday, May 18, 2009

Twisted but Stylish

Who says you can't be a little twisted and in style?...

Here is only the 2nd glimpse of my hearts work, which I have been nervous about introducing to the world and a bit hesitant to get out there, but in small steps I reach great lengths (I must recite this to self regularly).
This lasting & unique sculptural art will add texture, interest and style to any space...reclaimed, sandblasted Grapewood, Norweigian moss in green and black on a bed of sea glass and grey fresh water pearls (pearls also found) nestled on the branches in wee little beds of moss and lichen, crystal white sand shimmers in the light...natural, a bit modern with clean lines and simple beauty. Posting soon to my Etsy Shop, and more twisty and turny designs on the way.

Have a stylishly twisted day!