Friday, May 8, 2009

Ode to Mum's...

When a lovely girlfriend recently requested that I create a design for her Mum for Mother's got me thinking of that very topic...Mother's...

...they are like proud Peacocks, gracefully doing their business (most of the time)...shining so brilliantly in all their amazing ways and glorious presence.
I, of course, am a Mum (sometimes I don't feel so glorious or shiny, but I do amaze at times).
So, armed with the color red (requested for her Mum's desert home color scheme) and a penchant for Peacock's (Oh lucky me!) is what came to be:

You can barely see that wee little beautiful, shining fresh water pearl...see it?

A Very Very Happy Mum's Day to all you wonderous, amazing, over-the-top, beautiful ladies everywhere!
Have a most wonderful day!