Saturday, September 26, 2009


Just some blissful pictures to leave with you with for the weekend and may you relax into next week...

Love this idea for outdoor dining on the patio, I can see ferns, maybe some stones scattered with more leaves throughout the table.

I would give anything to relax here for an afternoon of reading, snoozing and just pondering life.

All photos by Annika Vannerus

Simple, crisp and earthy...I am ready for an evening of friends, laughter and quiet conversations.
Creating spaces with pieces that are special to you and which evoke a sense of calm is what makes lifes pressures fade and truly ground us at home. Set the stage for your own peace of mind.

What do you do to create a relaxing space?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Light up your life

Often at dinnertime, even amongst surrounding craziness that occurs with 2 wee ones and 2 four legged lovelies, I get down a few of my votives (leftover from our wedding over 9 years ago, we had them all over the tables)...and I light candles on the dinner table and set on the mantle as well.
This always somehow relaxes me, the act of lighting them and then the warm glow and soft light make our dinnertime very intimate (yes, even with wee ones) and feels special in a quiet way. Then of course, after dinner everyone makes a wish and blows out a candle or two.

Here are some inspirational and idea sparking ways to display candles I came across and thought I would share, some are great for upcoming holidays or just anytime.
A lovely way to greet guests...

Print something special in a fun font, personal or relating to your event (what you are thankful for at Thanksgiving even naming those at the table) on parchment paper and attach to outside of simple glass candle holder.

I love candlelight, in bathrooms, in bedrooms, on tables, outside, you name it, candlelight just adds that special something to a space.
Of course, you must be careful, and take extra caution with little ones and pets as well.
A fresh and new way to use your pie platters, I might even add a little something around the candles, sand, pebbles, stones, greenery...

Wine glasses transformed.

And then champagne flutes flipped
(make sure the rims are thicker style).

Easy holiday table decor, wrap with wire whatever your heart desires
(could be any holiday!)...think of the possibilities; spiders, webbing, stones, moss, berries, acorns, feathers...oh my the list is limitless! Fun stuff.

Or line them on the cool.

Love this simple and festive look.

Now, don't you just want to get out those candles and set the mood for a good time?
All pictures are from realsimple

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outside is in(side)

Well, it is obvious I am lover of all things from nature, woods, lichen, moss, plants, oh you name it, if it came from outside I want to try and bring it in.

By that I mean as art, decor, furnishings, textiles and that which surrounds me to make my space seem undefined (in terms of out and in) and to bring some peace and harmony from nature into my everyday inside living spaces. Here are some shots I enjoyed and thought I would share.
This freestanding teak bath was handmade by a boat builder, and I rather like the other surrounding touches of wood in the screen backdrop, stool and mat.
All pictures are from livingetc.
I love the influx of green in these pics, I mean the varying shades, and the different textures and lines.

I know there is just an outpouring of going 'green' these days...I don't want to inundate with that idea but I just happen to be quite fond of the color green.

What about you? Are you liking any of these spaces?

Have a very happy evening, until we meet again...soon.


Friday, September 4, 2009

From heart to hand

In case you have been to this blog and do not know...I am also here and have a shop here.

My art feeds my soul and since I love all that I do, it comes together wonderfully and keeps me quite happy.

I started my Etsy shop sometime ago and am just now finding the time to get the shelves filled with my designs. Here are a few, and believe me when I say there is so so much more coming.
I hold a strong love and appreciation for succulents and low maintenance botanicals, unique pieces of earths treasures and all things natural.

These pieces are like time standing still, however, there is something alive and quietly breathing in every one of them (usually requiring very little maintenance, just a whole lot of lovin').
I am most happy when combining colors and textures to enhance and peacefully add to any space.

Now, go, have a lovely weekend!