Friday, September 4, 2009

From heart to hand

In case you have been to this blog and do not know...I am also here and have a shop here.

My art feeds my soul and since I love all that I do, it comes together wonderfully and keeps me quite happy.

I started my Etsy shop sometime ago and am just now finding the time to get the shelves filled with my designs. Here are a few, and believe me when I say there is so so much more coming.
I hold a strong love and appreciation for succulents and low maintenance botanicals, unique pieces of earths treasures and all things natural.

These pieces are like time standing still, however, there is something alive and quietly breathing in every one of them (usually requiring very little maintenance, just a whole lot of lovin').
I am most happy when combining colors and textures to enhance and peacefully add to any space.

Now, go, have a lovely weekend!


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