Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outside is in(side)

Well, it is obvious I am lover of all things from nature, woods, lichen, moss, plants, oh you name it, if it came from outside I want to try and bring it in.

By that I mean as art, decor, furnishings, textiles and that which surrounds me to make my space seem undefined (in terms of out and in) and to bring some peace and harmony from nature into my everyday inside living spaces. Here are some shots I enjoyed and thought I would share.
This freestanding teak bath was handmade by a boat builder, and I rather like the other surrounding touches of wood in the screen backdrop, stool and mat.
All pictures are from livingetc.
I love the influx of green in these pics, I mean the varying shades, and the different textures and lines.

I know there is just an outpouring of going 'green' these days...I don't want to inundate with that idea but I just happen to be quite fond of the color green.

What about you? Are you liking any of these spaces?

Have a very happy evening, until we meet again...soon.


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  1. Love all those pics....yeah for green:)