Tuesday, September 4, 2012

reclaimed love...

I know, I know, you thought this would be a post about some romantic adventure or amazing story of love rekindled...well, it is, sort of...read on fine folks...
My delightful husband, who works so very hard, and knows me all too well, happened to ask a tile guy at a job he was working on just what they were gonna do with all the extra tiles after the job was finished...
now, prep yourself for his answer, ready? 

"Dump em' dude"..
Oh me, Oh my....the nerve of those tile guys to send these beauties off to a landfill to get smashed and destroyed amongst some less than questionable dump mates! 

So, being the thoughtful husband, he brought them home to me to see what I could create with them, although we could use a bathroom retile/remodel, I decided not to go there...
so, instead I took to mixing up some color and adding some vintage papers and little words/thoughts added some other mixed items and voila... 

Now they are happily sold at a fine museum gift shop to be cherished and gifted and serve as little reminders that reclaimed is remarkable.

On that same note, I also made a batch of these up cycled lovelies which are also sold in above mentioned gift shop and are all made with reclaimed t-shirts, 100% yummy cotton perfect for warmer weather, because really, when have you ever thought that an outfit would not look better with a scarf?...Never! 
Happy day to you all!


  1. Beautiful! Where is the museum shop where you are selling your tiles??

  2. Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), it is a really neat Museum and they have been carrying my line of creative 'goods' for sometime, like to showcase local artists etc.;)