Thursday, May 12, 2011

What lies ahead...

Well, we all have them, you know the projects that need doing around the house.

Are you the type to make numbered lists in specific order of importance or do you just do things randomly and try to complete them in whatever order they come? Do you start something and never finish? Are you the weekend warrior who bangs out the job at hand in two days?
I suppose whichever way it works best for you, provided you get the job(s) done is really the key, right?

I am one to write a list, which I think is in the order things should be done, however, there is a tall, handy and hardworking man in this house who sees fit to do things other ways, and sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes...well, you know.

herb/veg planter just ready for seedy friends

This brings up the issue of our yard, we have cleared the hillside, graded a portion for kids and have been left with a huge sliding slope of terrain which needs is where I come in...the plant picker, layout gal and hole digging mama. Here are some pics before, and hopefull these will make you feel really good about anything you might have on your to do list, as this is one big load of a job. Follow me as I pick, slide, dig and sweat my way into a new outdoor space!

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