Tuesday, August 3, 2010

seeing the light...

just a few days ago, i opened our wee mailbox to find a happy sight...the monthly arrival of one of my fav mags Dwell, which came at a most timely of times as we are making some decisions about a pretty big remodel to our home in the country not far from the sea. and because i am a lover of light (who isn't really?), this edition jumped right out (they all do for one reason or another) and i had to share some pics for those of you who might have missed it...if i close my eyes this would be a dream room where we would live, entertain, study, read, chic chat, oh the list is unending...check this house out;

the wall is joined at the corners as a window! i now have a new outlook on our decking windows...ahh dreamy.
glass is my new fav design element in a wall...love the mix of wood and glass...

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