Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little change up

Here are some shots of a recent redesign completed by KZ interiorz for a lovely lady who just wanted some truly refreshed spaces in her home. She was a joy to work with, so open and willing to make switch-outs and changes. This is why I love, I mean, really love, what I do, making a difference in people's living environments and working completely with what they have, is an amazing thing. So, this gal left for the day (and was so happy to do so, it made me giddy) and then returned a while after I was gone and I recieved a lovely phone call alerting me of her excitment and happiness with her new home. To imagine, she came home, turned on the lights and was delightfully surprised by all the beauty her home was waiting to share. Special art was grouped to showcase it's beauty, treasured keepsakes and memorable pieces were displayed to shine, artwork moved and made to blend in each seperate creations designed for her own rooms in mind by KZ interiorz brought new life and pop to certain areas in which she was pleasantly surprised by for a few days following.

So, here is to our homes, for all they offer, they usually offer more, sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective and some alterations (which are not permanent) to make us fall back in love with our homes, rooms and sacred spaces. Afterall, our homes are an extension of us, they hold our treasures, our quirkiness, our style, our flaws, our personalities, they are us and sometimes we too, need a bit of a change up. It's all good.

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