Monday, July 9, 2012

Space refreshment...

 I would like to say that this summer has been full of relaxation and down time...but this would be most untrue, up to this point, and although I am not's been a busy one all around in this neck of the woods.
However, it is never too busy to share summer space refreshment with you.

Summer can be a time when we are busy running around with kids, meeting friends, shuttling to camps, swim lessons, get it.  However, it can also be a time when we spend more time at home, having friends over, bbqing, playing games, having family time and our spaces can seem more overwhelming as they fill with toys, laundry, and varying clutter.  Our time is not always freed up to make changes and organize or have a vision for transformations.

I am happily here to remind you that any space is 'refreshable' *i am not sure if that is a word, but it will work here*...


Ta Da Refreshed

This is a front room I just completed which was really serving as a holding spot for items and was not very welcoming & is the first room to be seen when entering the client wanted it to be a kid &  office area &  since it is that first impression room, I wanted it to have a streamline feel that would be warm & welcoming, kid friendly with a kick back feel.


Voila Refreshed


Oolala Refreshed


Ahha Refreshed

lonely window before...

Sweet sitting spot refreshed with custom cushion, 
pillows and of course a little reminder to 'Laugh'...

So, here is to refreshed spaces this summer, may you enjoy your little corner of the world!